Pataudi Family: Saif Ali Khan, Kareena Kapoor Khan And Taimur Ali Khan Moving Into A New Apartment

It was in 2012, when Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor Khan had tied the knots and turned into one another’s eternity. After four years, in 2016, the frantically infatuated couple had become the overwhelming parents to their infant kid, Taimur Ali Khan and the little one had become theirs as well as the country’s wellspring of satisfaction. With just about four months into the lockdown, while a considerable lot of us are getting fretful, seems as though the Pataudis have chosen to concentrate on only the silver covering of the situation.

In a meeting with the Mumbai Mirror, Saif Ali Khan talked about how he is so aloof during the current situation, how he will recall 2020 by, on being trolled and the new house they are wanting to move in. Since the open stage has started, Saif is regularly spotted by the paparazzi coming all through his condo. Saif uncovered that they are wanting to move into a marginally bigger loft, which is situated inverse to where they’re as of now staying and will put this house on lease.

Talking about moving to a new house, Saif Ali Khan said, “Our new home is being renovated, which is why I hop across to see how things are coming along and not because I feel cooped in. I’m enjoying this time with my family. My sister Soha and her husband Kunal (Kemmu) come over sometimes, as do my kids Sara and Ibrahim. My other sister, Saba, too, has moved to Mumbai. Only, mother (Sharmila Tagore) is in a rented apartment in Delhi because the lockdown happened while she was doing up her place. So now, even she is overseeing the renovation work there. She is a real trooper and never complains.”

Father of three, Saif Ali Khan is enjoying the lockdown phase with his three-and-a-half-year-old son, Taimur Ali Khan and when asked how he will remember 2020, the 49-year-old actor retorted, “In most families today, both parents go out to work, so it’s okay for children to be a little independent. It’s important to make time for them, but too much time is also not normal. Children adjust quickly; Taimur may not understand what a pandemic is, but he knows you have to wear a mask when you go out. When I look back at 2020, I will remember it as a solid year that we got to spend with our three-year-old son.”

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