Pavvitra Punia & Eijaz Khan Celebrate Their First Diwali Together After Engagement!

This is the first Diwali celebration for Pavvitra Punia and Eijaz Khan after their engagement. The couple is planning an intimate bash to celebrate the festival with their families.

Pavvitra Punia told, “This year, we are planning to keep a party at home for our family, not our friends. This is going to be my second year with Eijaz when we will be celebrating the festival of Diwali together as a couple. Now, since we have moved in together, the excitement is on another level. And how can I forget the Diwali puja and the authentic food which I make on Diwali, which I have learnt from my mother? So, I will make aloo gobhi, puri, jeere wala raita and gulab jamun. We are so excited to celebrate after he popped the question.” The actor shared that they have a party planned so far, and will zero in on the rest of the details of the day closer to the date.

She laughed and said, “Abhi tak toh party ka hi hua hai.. We will decorate the whole house with lights, which signifies a ray of hope and that darkness should go, and cheezin ache se rahein. It means that one doesn’t need to fret about any kind of worry and sadness, because the light is around us. In fact, this time, I will teach Eijaz how to make Rangoli.”

On Dhanteras she said, “I ensure I buy something on Dhanteras, that is the thumb rule of our family… Buy something, be it something small or big. Even if I am shooting somewhere, or I am not well, I make it a point that I go out for sometime and buy something.”

She talked about their wedding plans. She concluded, “Well, we are enjoying this phase of our life right now, which is beautiful. We want to be protected against all the evil eye, and want everyone to bless us. Let’s see what the future holds for us.”

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