Pawandeep Rajan Desires To Sing For This Actor, Waiting For An Invitation From Karan Johar

Pawandeep Rajan: In the 12th edition of Indian Idol, Pawandeep Rajan won in Uttarakhand. After winning, Pawandeep has said that he has some dreams. He said that he wanted to sing for a famous actor in Bollywood. Also, Karan Johar, who was the chief guest at the event, has promised to give him a chance to sing. When it was completed, all the attention of Pawandeep is now on it.

Pawan deep Rajan

Pawandeep Rajan became the winner of the 12th episode of the reality show ‘Indian Idol’

Pawandeep Rajan became the winner of the 12th episode of the reality show ‘Indian Idol’. The grand finale of the show aired on August 15. The grand finale lasted for 12 hours. In this grand finale, six contestants were vying for the title. In the end, Pawandeep won the toss and elected to bat. After winning the title, Pawandeep thanked all those who supported him. He also expressed some of his desires.

What did Pavandeep say

after winning the 12th edition of Indian Idol? After winning the title, Pawandeep said,

“I think two things should happen after winning the title. The first thing is that I want to sing for popular singer Salman Khan. Another wish is that I get a chance to sing under the music direction of AR Rahman and Pritam Da. If these wishes come true, I will be as lucky as I am.”

Waiting for an invitation 

Pawandeep Rajan further said, ‘Karan Johar has promised to give me a chance to sing for Dharma Productions. Waiting for them to call me to sing. AR Rahman has given us a chance. Arunita Kanjilal has sung two songs for him. They are helping all the contestants. I am very grateful to all those who supported me to win the 12th edition of Indian Idol.

Salman Khan

Pawandeep Rajan wants to sing for Salman Khan

I want to sing for Salman Khan

Pavandeep is not only a great singer but he can also play many instruments. In 2015, Pawandeep had also won the reality show ‘The Voice of India’. Panavdeep also thanked singer and examiner Himesh Reshammiya. Pawandeep said, ‘I am thankful to Himesh Saran for allowing me to sing.

“Pawandeep further said, “It is my dream to sing for popular actor Salman Khan in Hindi cinema … I want to fulfil it.”

All the six contestants for the 12th edition of Indian Idol were well-rounded. Arunita Kanjilal, Mohammad Danish, Shanmukhpriya, Nihal Taro and Sayali Kamble were the six finalists.

AR Rehman

AR Rehman

Wants to start a music school

wants to build a music school in his hometown Pawandeep Rajan lives in the Champawat Uttarakhand. So that the children who love music can get proper training there.

Pritam Da

Pritam Da

I felt very bad when the trophy

Pawanadip Rajan Indian Idol’s 12th season was declared the winner and was given the trophy. After receiving the trophy, Panavdeep said, ‘I feel bad for taking this trophy. Because not only me but everyone has the same right to this trophy. ‘ He further said, ‘I didn’t think much about the last moments of the show. All I had in my head was who would win and who would win the trophy would come to my closest friend. We have all become one family. ‘

“Everyone plans to work together in the future,” he said. Now that the event is over, we will all be in touch with each other. ‘

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