“People like Shilpa are more dangerous than…” Hiten’s wife Gauri slams Shilpa for backstabbing Hiten

Last eviction from the Bigg Boss house came out to be a surprising one with Hiten Tejwani stepping out of the house. This time, there was a little twist in the eviction process as the housemates had to choose between Hiten Tejwani and Priyank Sharma and take the final decision of evicting one of them. The decision was made through majority of the housemates that went on with Priyank Sharma. By saving Priyank, the housemates showed the exit gate to contestant Hiten Tejwani.

Surely, it was shocking for everyone with this eviction coming up. Also, Hiten Tejwani, who was one of the strongest contestants on the show didn’t get support from his co-contestants inside the house. The result was shocking for the host Salman Khan too. However, as Hiten stepped out of the show, everyone started blaming Shilpa Shinde for voting against him. Shilpa chose Priyank over Hiten and it was clear that she used this opportunity to get rid of her strong competition from the show.

Hiten’s wife Gauri, who was also seen on the show lately has finally spoken out about Shilpa Shinde backstabbing his husband Hiten. She said that Hiten felt cheated when Shilpa chose Priyank over him. She said that his exit has created a wave of shock and sympathy. In one of the interviews, Hiten said that he would like to meet Shilpa after the show and ask her why she did so. To this Gauri said, “I don’t think he will meet her. I think one should be careful and stay away from such people. I do it that way. If I feel that a particular person is not the right person in my life and/or get negative vibes from him/her, I stay away from him/her.”

She also shared her opinion on Hina Khan. She said, “Yeah, she was very vocal about her moves, and she does it openly without guilt and pretence. People like Shilpa are more dangerous than people like Hina.”

Well, somewhere we all will agree with the fact that Shilpa took a wrong decision by saving Priyank. Let’s see what new twist does this show bring in!


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