‘People Tired Of Salman Khan’s Movies’: Shreyas Talpade Lets It All Out In Recent Interview

In 2023, at the age of 47, Bollywood actor Shreyas Talpade suffered a heart attack. As news of his health crisis spread, many from the film industry extended their support to Shreyas’s family.

In a recent interview, Shreyas spilled the beans on the likes of Shahrukh Khan, Akshay Kumar, and Salman Khan. He disclosed that filmmakers Rohit Shetty and Ahmed Khan, along with actor Akshay Kumar, showed unwavering support during the tough time. He also gave his opinion on the constant box-office failures of Salman Khan and Akshay Kumar. Shreyas talked about the huge learning experience he had on the set of Om Shanti Om with Shah Rukh Khan.

A huge learning experience with SRK

Shreyas Talpade said that SRK wanted to make OSO the biggest movie of 2007. For Talpade, it was a huge learning experience. The actor also shared an anecdote from when they were in London for the movie’s premiere.

“We were sitting in a washroom together in a London hotel room. Deepika was giving an interview outside. And the premiere was in the evening. And Shah Rukh was still coming up with ideas.

He said, “You and I will dance on the red carpet and attract as many people as possible. He never takes his stardom for granted. Of course, people will come for his premiere, but he wanted to fight till the last minute to attract as many people as he could. Everything that he did during those promotions was phenomenal. He was sitting on the pot; I was sitting on the tub. We were waiting for Deepika’s interview to get over,” Shreyas Talpade told Siddharth Kanan in an interview.

“Checking on him.”

Filmmakers Rohit Shetty and Ahmed Khan, along with actor Akshay Kumar, checked on his health daily and maintained regular communication with the actor’s wife, Deepti Talpade.

Speaking about the same, Shreyas told Siddharth Kannan, “When I was going through all of this, Rohit would keep calling Deepti and would ask her about my health and if she needed anything. These are the things that make a relationship; otherwise, there is nothing. He was in touch with me every day. He, Ahmed Khan, and Akshay Kumar were regularly in touch with my wife, asking her if she needed anything. They would come and meet her and would keep calling her.

Equation with Akshay Kumar

Shreyas Talpade further elaborated on his equation with Akshay Kumar and how the actor is a great friend.

He said, “These things are important. Akshay Bhai is a fierce competitor when it comes to his screen space. He wants to be the best. Period. But off-screen, he is a great friend. He will do everything that it takes to make sure that you are okay.”

‘Lok Thak Gaye Hai’

Shreyas gave his opinion on the constant box-office failures of Salman Khan and Akshay Kumar. He talked about the audience growing tired, even among fans of superstars who were tired of mediocre content associated with their favourite idols.

Shreyas remakred, “Loh thak gaye hai. Log ab trailer mein pehchan lete hai ke yeh (film) kya hogi. Iske Liye jaana hai ki nahi jaana hai.