People Who’ve Been Forever Single Share What Is It Like, Check Them Out!

Some people become very comfortable with being unmarried their entire lives. When they like their own company far too much, they avoid any form of connection that would expose them to drama, expectations, and emotions. While some people are just unfortunate in love, these folks typically have interesting perspectives on life. Here, five people who have never been in a relationship describe what it’s like for them.

Viha, 26 years old – Focusing on self

“I honestly don’t feel like giving myself away to someone. I have wasted a lot of my time on useless things in my childhood. I wasted away good grades. Right now, all I want is to focus on myself and grow considerably. I have never been the one for relationships.”

Ashish, 30 years old – Believing in destiny

“I want to believe that the right person will come along in my life when it’s the right time. I don’t want to force it. I think I’ll recognise that person when I see them. I’m still an old-school believer but it’s what I want.”

Anonymous – Hopeless romantic

“Well…you can call me one of the romantic ones who are purely out of luck. All I think about is meeting my soulmate in the most romantic way possible. But I just don’t know why I end up falling for people who never like me back. I never have been able to get into a relationship and it’s pretty heartbreaking sometimes.”

Harsh, 24 years old – Bad experiences

“I just don’t want to experience another horrible guy. It’s already painful enough to deal with heartbreaks. I can’t trust anyone with my heart anymore. No matter how sad it sounds, I just won’t give in. I am very happy and fulfilled with my life right now. I don’t want to ruin it at the moment with another relationship.”

Tahit, 33 years old – Simply happy!

“I see my friends being super stressed in their relationships and it makes me relieved to know I am not in one. Being in a relationship is anyways super annoying. Tagging a person along with you all the time is something I don’t look forward to. Let’s just say, I’m rocking my single 30s!”

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