Pictures Of Rekha Kissing Hrithik Created Ruckus On Social Media, Read To Know More!!

Rekha is one of the most beautiful actress of Bollywood. She never hid how much she likes Hrithik Roshan who is popularly known as the Greek God of the film world. Both played the role of mother-son and grandmother-grandson in Koi Mil Gaya (2003) and Krish (2006) and the whole world saw the success of these films. The bonding of both was very beautiful in the film and everyone had a mother-son image of Rekha and Hrithik in their mind. But many times a few things happen in the world of Bollywood that make people surprise. A few years ago, such pictures of Hrithik-Rekha came from a film program that everyone was surprised to see. Seeing these pictures, people felt as if both were kissing and there was a ruckus everywhere.

Hrithik and Rekha

Actually, these pictures are from an IIFA award ceremony, in which Hrithik and Rekha were standing face to face. As soon as the eyes of both fell on each other, they came forward to meet. In Bollywood, stars usually hug or touch cheek to cheek in the style of western culture. According to eyewitnesses, the two hugged each other and then Rekha, in an attempt to ‘kiss’ her on-screen son’s cheeks or forehead, clashed with the surrounding crowd on the chin under Hrithik’s lips. . On seeing the pictures it seemed as if Rekha-Hrithik were kissing each other on the lips. When these pictures came on social media, there was a lot of ruckus and the pictures went viral.

Rekha And Hrithik

A lot of people trolled Rekha and said that she should not do this. Many people pulled up the photographers for deliberately taking such pictures and then morphed them and put them in the media. Rekha has been a bold actress in her era, who worked hard and made her place in the film industry. Today Rekha is counted among the most talented and is one of the most beautiful heroines in the history of Hindi cinema.

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