By Kamna Chhabra

Such a romantic evening

Both engrossed in watching

A movie in the theatre

Naturally ‘together’

He occupies the aisle seat

Away some 20 feet

She’s on his left extreme

In between

He messages

In response

She blows kisses

Movie over

They head for dinner

Yes, candlelight dinner

Soft music and sound

Perfect background

Sitting across each other

Lost in chewing and chomping

Can’t bother

Sumptuous food

Getting them into the mood

The long-awaited date finally on

Her company so captivating

Four hours already have gone

She glances at her watch ‘Oh Gosh!’

He asks for the bill

And now notices

She’s dressed to kill

The bill arrives

Dues paid, off they drive

She in her Honda City

He in his Dad’s Maruti

Escorting her all the way

Telling himself, ‘What a fabulous day!’

Reaches home

Here’s a ping

Her message read-

“Thank you for everything

Wonderful time spent

In this age of social distancing.”

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