Plot Change, Host Change: Bigg Boss 12 has some major twists

Bigg Boss is one of the most entertaining shows on television. The show that gets popular celebrities under one roof to fight for that final win is loved by the viewers all over. All the seasons of the show have done immensely well through the years and the high TRPs of the show are one big reason behind the show makers coming with a new season every year.

Well, its been long since the last season of the show got over. Bigg Boss season 11 that had the commoners vs celebrities war was a big hit among the viewers. Fans of the show have been waiting for long ever since the last season went off air. But the good news is that Bigg Boss season 12 is soon about to arrive!

Yes, auditions for Bigg Boss 12 are now open! However, this time, there is a big twist on the show. This time, contestants will enter the Bigg Boss house as Jodis. So, this time its a victory for two and not for one.

An official announcement on the auditions was recently made by the channel. It said,

“#BiggBoss12 is coming soon and this time we’re looking for jodis! So bring a partner along with you to the @BiggBoss house for twice the dhamaal! Auditions now open!#RisingStar2GrandFinale”

And if you are thinking Salman Khan will be back as the host of the show, then this report might disappoint you as he will be probably busy shooting for his show 10 Ka Dum and he will have to drop the Bigg Boss show this season. Reportedly, actor Akshay Kumar will be stepping into Salman’s shoes for this season. Stay tuned for more updates on the show!


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