‘PM Looks The Same, What’s Your secret Sir?’: Grammy Winner Ricky On Pics From 2015 & 2022

On Thursday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited Grammy Award winner Ricky Kej. He praised the musician on Twitter, and he also shared photos from his visit with Ricky. The Prime Minister praised him for his love of music. Following their encounter, the Bengaluru-based artist created a collage of old and new photos of himself with Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He included a little comment with the collage.

This was Ricky Kej’s second Grammy award for his album Divine Tides, for those who are unaware. He earned a Grammy for the album Winds of Samsara in the Best New Age Album category earlier in 2015. He paid a visit to Prime Minister Modi after getting honours on both occasions. Ricky posted a photo of him and the prime minister from 2015 on Friday, juxtaposing it with a photo from their current encounter.

Ricky Kej had a thoughtful comment, which he shared on Twitter.  “7-year challenge!! Pic 1: 2015 when I won my 1st Grammy. Pic 2: 2022 when I won 2nd Grammy. Hon’ble PM @narendramodi Ji looks EXACTLY the same.. but I have aged a lot 🙂 hahaha. What is your secret sir?? @PMOIndia (sic),” he wrote sharing the photo.

PM Narendra Modi congratulated Ricky Kej on his Grammy win last month, stating, “Congratulations on this remarkable feat and best wishes for your future endeavors.”

Ricky Kej explained why this win is so important and special to him in an exclusive chat with IndiaToday. “The win means a lot because the only kind of music that I make is about the environment, sustainability, and positive social impact around those areas. I do not do pop music; I don’t do Bollywood music. Therefore, for me, it has been quite a difficult path and awards like these always give you a platform for not only doing bigger and better music but also enables you to voice your concerns about various issues,” he said

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