Pooja Bhatt Calls Manisha Rani ‘Not A Heroine Material’, Social Media Influencer Replies Her Savagely!

Manisha Rani became a big star on the show ‘Bigg Boss OTT Season 2’. Some people liked her on the show, while others didn’t. Even though Manisha had arguments with many of the other participants, her disagreements with Pooja Bhatt were always talked about.

Pooja Bhatt calls Manisha Rani not a heroine material

During one episode of ‘Bigg Boss OTT 2’, Pooja Bhatt said that Manisha Rani wasn’t fit to be a heroine. Manisha responded to this by saying that maybe after the show, she would show Pooja that she could be an actress too. She even joked that Pooja might end up casting her in a movie.

Mahesh Bhatt kissed Manisha Rani in House

Pooja Bhatt’s dad, Mahesh Bhatt, kissed Manisha’s hand and hugged her. People on social media thought Manisha might be uncomfortable with this, and they made fun of Mahesh Bhatt for it. After the show, Pooja Bhatt commented that Manisha seemed fine hugging other contestants, so people were just seeing things based on their own perspective.

Manisha clarified on Mahesh Bhatt’s behaviour

Manisha Rani clarified that she didn’t feel as uncomfortable as people were saying on social media about Mahesh Bhatt’s actions. She said that the rumors about Mahesh Bhatt were not true.

become second runner-up of Bigg boss ott 2

Manisha Rani was among the top 3 contestants on ‘Bigg Boss OTT 2’. Her journey on the show was incredible. She ended up being the second runner-up, while Elvish Yadav won the show and Abhishek Malhan became the first runner-up.

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