Poonam Pandey, Husband Face Rs 100 Crore Lawsuit For Faking Death

Poonam Pandey, the actress and internet sensation, has landed in hot water for her controversial publicity stunt. She faked her death to raise awareness about cervical cancer but instead faced a massive backlash from the public and the industry.

How Poonam Pandey Fooled Everyone

Poonam Pandey announced her demise through an Instagram post in early February. She claimed that she succumbed to cervical cancer after a long battle. Her manager also confirmed the news to the media outlets, saying that she was a “beacon of strength and resilience”.

However, a few days later, she released a video revealing that it was all a hoax. She said that she was happy with the stunt as it started conversations around the disease. She also claimed that she was the ambassador of the government’s cervical cancer awareness campaign.

The Legal Trouble for Poonam Pandey and Her Husband

Poonam Pandey’s fake death stunt did not go down well with many people. They accused her of playing with the trust of millions of Indians and making a joke about a serious disease. Some of her industry friends also slammed her for her insensitive and irresponsible act.

One of them was Faizan Ansari, a Mumbai-based influencer, who filed a complaint against her with the Kanpur Police Commission. He alleged that Poonam Pandey and her husband Sam Bombay conspired to fake her death for their publicity. He demanded that they should be arrested and presented in the Kanpur Court.

He also filed a defamation case against the couple, seeking 100 crore rupees in damages. He said that Poonam Pandey tarnished the image of the Bollywood industry and hurt the sentiments of the cancer patients and their families.

What Poonam Pandey Has to Say About the Lawsuit

Poonam Pandey has not responded to the lawsuit yet. She has been defending her actions on social media, saying that she did it for a noble cause. She also said that she was not the government’s cervical cancer awareness campaign ambassador, but she was approached by a private agency for the same.

She asked her critics to “kill me, crucify me, hate me, but save someone you love”. She said that she was proud of her stunt and that she was the “boldest Indian woman”.

Poonam Pandey is known for her bold and controversial statements and actions. She has often been in the news for her nude photos and videos, her marriage and divorce with Sam Bombay, and her legal troubles with various authorities.

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