According to astrologers, Zodiac signs and the traits associated with them determine the nature of a person. While each and every zodiac sign have its strengths and weaknesses, there are certain traits which make a particular sign more powerful than the other. Here are four signs which rule the zodiac charts in terms of strength-

  1. Scorpio

Scorpio-Desktop-Backgrounds-OptimizedScorpios, just like their parent element water, are secretive, mysterious and capable of unleashing a wrathful tsunami on their enemies. It is a fixed sign, very manipulative in nature and fierce beyond measure. A Scorpio never loses out on its nemesis and tries each and every weapon in their arsenal to destroy them.

  1. Aries

Aries-Zodiac-HD-Wallpapers-OptimizedAries are ruled by the planet Mars, which in Greek and Roman mythologies have been attributed as the God of War. An agitated Aries breathes fire which is enough for their enemies to pee in their pants. They are reckless in nature and their fury is never bonded by any morality.

  1. Leo

blackswantemple.org_-1024x576-OptimizedStrength, pride and brute force- these are the terms that define a Leo. They are born leaders and never bow down against anyone. Adversities never deter them from their path and eventually surrenders against their will to rule.

  1. Cancer

DyXcsYSFjcK965RFS2niveZTuZRLRJDYYo3LsufnZHcoN94g9kP7YY5iYErTHHxZCancerians are very strong willed people who are very tough, like a shell, from outside but too soft and sentimental from inside. They usually don’t pick up a fight but when it comes to the security of their loved ones, there is no force stopping them. They are the epitome of heroism and are always ready to go out of their way to help others.

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