Pratik Gandhi: “Making a film in India is a Difficult Task”, Controversy Over film ‘Bhavai’

Actor Pratik Gandhi has been in news for his film ‘Bhavai’. The actor has emerged and gained immense popularity since his role in ‘The 1992 Scam’. He was well received by the audience. He played the role of Harshad Mehta in the web series scam. Gaining great popularity by doing full justice to that role. His facial expressions in that series were also a huge hit. Scam 1992 was directed by renowned director Hansal Mehta. Scam 1992 can be named as the most talked about and watched series on OTT. Prateek Gandhi, who started with Gujarati theatre and cinema, is now embroiled in controversy. He has also reacted to it. This is the first time he has faced such an argument.

Pratik Gandhi in Bhavai, Ravana Leela

Pratik Gandhi in the controversial film ‘Bhavai’ Ravana Leela

Now Pratik Gandhi is going to make his Bollywood debut for the first time from the Hindi film Bhavai. It has a lead role. Initially, the film was to be made under the name Ravana. However, the name of the film has caused a great deal of controversy. The blow of that controversy has fallen on Pratik Gandhi. The symbol, which is not accustomed to such arguments, has also reacted to it. It doesn’t say what kind of argument people will ever make so be careful. It has been shown to take such a cautious stance. When Bhavai’s trailer was released on social media, the symbol was heavily trolled. He was accused of hurting people’s religious feelings. The producers decided to change the name of the film.

Pratik Gandhi in the film Bhavai, Ravana Leela

The film ‘Bhavai Ravana Leela’ shows the character of Ravana from a different perspective

On this issue, Pratik said that when the producers changed the name of the film, they wanted to say that there is nothing controversial in the film. People have been accused of hurting their feelings. But there is no fact in it. Ram and Ravana have nothing to do with that film. People should take note of this. When a trailer is made, it is made to attract the audience. It is not intended to hurt the feelings of the audience. This needs to be noticed by the intelligent audience. Prateek also said that the social media accounts of those who have trolled Bhavai are fake.

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