Pratik Gandhi’s Bhavai Producers Issue Clarification After Being Trolled

Actor Pratik Gandhi’s new Hindi film “Bhavai” got trolled because it allegedly depicts the love between Indian mythical figures Sita and Ravan. The story was criticized. One week after the name was changed, the producer made a clarification.

A statement shared by Pen Movies read, “Our film Bhavai is a fictional love story of two individuals, Raja Ram Joshi (Pratik Gandhi) and Rani (Aindrita Ray) working in a drama company and how their life changes off stage. The film promo was released under the title, Raavan Leela, as the protagonist is a drama actor who plays the role of Raavan in the drama. With due respect to the concerns regarding the title of the promo and a dialogue in the promo, we wish to clarify that the dialogue and the above title ‘Raavan Leela’ is not part of the film and has been removed from the promo as well respecting the sentiments of our viewers.” The title was changed soon after the first trailer of the film released last week.

They added, “We have the highest regard for Hindu culture and the Ramayana. The Film and/or any portion thereof does not hurt any religious sentiments or religious beliefs. The film Bhavai has been approved and passed by the Censor Board of Film Certification under the ‘U’ category. We trust that this clarifies and sets at rest all apprehensions, misrepresentations, doubts, and misgivings regarding our film Bhavai in various media, including digital media.”

Pen Movies, the official contact of the production company, shared this statement and wrote on Twitter: “We trust this clarifies all the misrepresentations, doubts, and misgivings regarding our film #Bhavai! See you in THEATRES on Oct 1. Watch the film with your friends and family!”

Pratik Gandhi also said in an interview that “We aren’t showing any interpretation of Ram or Ravan in the film. The film is not at all about it. That’s why the team thought that if sentiments of a certain section of the society are hurt, we don’t mind changing the name if that satisfies them. But I’m sure that’s not the answer to the broader question. We changed the name, but will that solve anything?”

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