By Nikhil Varghese

The white scars on the skin caused due to insufficient production of melanin in the human body named ‘VITILIGO’, a disease that causes an area to lose colour.

Dear society,

Dear you the one who read this ‘ we are often judged by the way we look’. Deep inside we all have scars which we can hide but the white scars which VITILIGO’s wear are unhidden. They wear these white patches and fight everyday to come out with confidence. Don’t take it away by your starring eyes; lips instead accept them as real warriors. Everywhere in the world where white is hailed as beauty the one’s with white scars are the most Prettiest. Accept the way people are and start looking for inner beauty. Help them fight and hug them tight telling ‘ you the warrior the white scars u hold are beautiful because I see the beauty of how you overcome your dark days.

As lockdown started I saw people doing virtual shoots. So this idea came up in my mind. I always wanted to do a documentary about vitiligo people.  So I named this ‘Pretty Patches of Pale’ as the name says these patches are beautiful and unique.

When I was young I saw people staring at them even I am. So I thought of expressing their beauty through this. It was not that easy to do this. I texted 20+ people and only 10 responded to my texts. Few doesn’t know English. So I used a translator for communicating my ideas. They are not models they are ordinary housewives and students. So making them understand was difficult at first.  Most of the shoot happened at 2am, 3am because of the time zone difference.  I have shot people from the USA, Brazil, Germany, India, Spain etc.

An interview of a lady who said about her vitiligo:

My vitiligo started when I was 13 years old, it was a point on the forehead that was not visible to the naked eye … A cousin saw it and there it all began, questions without answers, despair, homemade recipes, not wanting to go to the Doctor so as not to face what happened. Until one day I decided to go to the Doctor because the “stain” grew more and he said he had VITILIGO!! I never heard of that!! I don’t deny, it made me very sad knowing that it would never fade, that it would never be normal and that it would probably occupy my entire face, I went into depression and started my dermatological treatment with the only hope that it would stop growing. Everything rumbled in my head, the ridicule they would make me, which would be more ridicule since I already suffered a lot of bullying.

I was insecure…

I was insecure for a while but I overcame it, I overcame criticism, I overcame prejudice, I overcame ignorance Of the others, I investigated myself much more about the disease, I went to the psychologist and more than anything I leaned on my family and myself, every day I was motivated alone, for every bad thought I said two positive things. I loved it little by little, today when I am 20 years old I love my vitiligo and I feel that without it i would not be complete, it is something unique and I believe that all of us who have vitiligo or those who are different from normal are ART, divine and special canvases . . Nonetheless; every day I have tried to love myself a little more, and I succeeded, I am very proud to have vitiligo and I love it, I love myself.

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