Pride Month Special; How A Madras Court Judge Blooms Hope Of Legal Acceptance Amongst LGBTQ Community

On Monday, Justice Anand Venkatesh from the Madras High Court called for an end to be put on the LGBTQ conversion therapy which he described as an illegal & discriminatory practice against the community in his judgment.

In his 107 pages long judgment, Justice Venkatesh said,“Ignorance is no justification for normalizing any form of discrimination. Therefore, I took upon myself, the vested responsibility and the duty to deliver justice in all its forms and spirit, of cutting across personal prejudices and notions and setting forth to, at the least, educate myself lest my ignorance interferes within guiding homosexuality and the LGBTQIA+ community towards social justice”.

The judgment was in response to a plea made by a lesbian couple who are worried for their lives and seeks security & protection from their unaccepting relatives. The verdict was ruled in the couple’s favor but the judge took the opportunity to discuss the subject on a broader level. On the contrary, the judge said, “I have no hesitation in accepting that I too belong to the majority of commoners who are yet to comprehend homosexuality completely”. Justice Venkatesh described himself as a person who is himself not fully woke with the subject and he has also accepted the fact that he is taking professional help to get a deeper understanding about the community.

Speaking on the practice of conversion therapy Judge Anand Venkatesh made the recommendation to revoke the license of all the medical practitioners who are involved in this discriminatory act.

However, the judge also noted the fact that real change will occur only when there is an existence of societal understanding, law alone itself cannot amend the taboos. Justice Venkatesh said , “I strongly feel that the change must take place at a societal level and when it is complemented by a law there will be a remarkable change in the outlook of the society by recognizing same-sex relationships”.

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