Prime Minister Modi says August 14 to be observed as ‘Partition Horrors Remembrance Day’: Deets inside.

On the occasion of Independence Day before PM Modi said Partition Horrors Remembrance Day should remind us about the pain of Partition unleashed on people. 

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Saturday that August 14 will be observed as Partition Horrors Remembrance Day across the country to remember the “struggles and sacrifices of our people”. “Partition’s pains can never be forgotten. Millions of our sisters and brothers were displaced and many lost their lives due to mindless hate and violence. In memory of the struggles and sacrifices of our people, 14th August will be observed as Partition Horrors Remembrance Day,” PM Modi tweeted. 

“May the #PartitionHorrorsRemembranceDay keeps reminding us of the need to remove the poison of social divisions, disharmony and further strengthen the spirit of oneness, social harmony, and human empowerment,” he added. 

The Prime Minister’s announcement on Partition Horrors Remembrance Day comes a day ahead of India’s 75th Independence Day. Pakistan observes its Independence Day on August 14. 

Even though the state government has relaxed Covid-19 restrictions allowing buses, Kolkata Metro, auto-rickshaws, and cabs, local trains continue to remain canceled. Bengal government to speed up vaccination in Kolkata’s suburbs to resume local trains. 

“It is a matter of great joy for me to wish all Indians, living in India and abroad, a very Happy Independence Day!” President Ram Nath Kovind said. Full text of President Ram Nath Kovind’s Independence Day eve address. 

Prime Minister Narendra Modi proclaimed that August 14 will be observed as Partition Horrors Remembrance Day. 

Under a plan released by India’s last viceroy Lord Mountbatten on the country’s Independence from the British on June 3, 1947. It was announced that India would be divided into two nations after its independence. The plan, also known as the Mountbatten Plan, announced the principles of partition and gave autonomy and sovereignty to both India and Pakistan. It also gave them the right to form their constitution.

Millions of people were displaced and many more were killed after large-scale riots broke out as India and Pakistan were divided into two countries after the British colonial rule in 1947. As many as 1 million people, some estimates put the toll at double this figure, were killed in the brutal violence that followed Partition. During the violence of Partition, thousands of women and girls were raped or abducted by both sides. 

Fifteen million Hindus, Sikhs and, Muslims migrated to either of the countries, often by foot, during Partition. “Refugee specials” trains also carried many people between India and Pakistan in 1947. 

The fact is both sides were killed. Both shot and stabbed and speared and clubbed. Both were tortured. Both were raped. If you are curious to know more about the partition story then must read a book by Khushwant Singh ‘Train to Pakistan’.