Priya P Varrier finally speaks reacts to her video from Odu Adaar Love going viral, here is what she said.

By now, all you social media addicts must be very familiar with this beautiful young girl Priya Prakash Varrier. This girl is trending all over the internet ever since a clipping from her movie Oru Adaar Love came across. Oru Adaar Love is a Malayalam movie and Priya Prakash Varrier is making her debut with this movie. We yesterday shared with you the clipping that has created a wave. In the clipping, Priya can be seen winking at a boy during a school function at the auditorium and that one single wink has made her an Internet sensation overnight.

If you open your Facebook feed, you will find it flooded with thousands of memes, tweets and posts related to Priya and people are sharing it like anything. Surely, people have found their new love a little before Valentine’s day this time. We were keeping a close check on Priya’s Instagram handle yesterday and we witnessed how Priya won millions of followers in less than 22 hours. Not only this, Instagram is flooding with Priya’s fan pages and looks like people are just not goinh to get over this anytime soon.

Priya P Varrier is literally ruling the internet game right now. She has been trending over since the last 24 hours. Well, all this while you must be thinking what Priya must be going through. She has recently expressed her gratitude for all love people have been showering upon her. She posted a picture of her trending the Twitter and captioned it, “Good morning everyone. Can’t belive this, #NationalTrend Thank you so much for your love and supports 💓💓💓”

She posted another tweet saying, “Thank you guys for all the love n support… Though I can’t reply each n everyone I will try to reach out to you as best as I can… Keep showering your love


If somehow you have missed on her adorable expressions, have a look at the video below:

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