Priyank Sharma EXPOSED on national television, says “Bakwaas. Fark nahi padta hai”

In the last episode of Bigg Boss, we got to see the housemates meeting their loved ones after so long. Shilpa’s mother, Arshi’s father and Priyank’s girlfriend Divya Agarwal visited the house. Something very shocking happened when Divya Agarwal entered the house. As Divya entered the house, she revealed a lot of shocking facts. While Priyank was in the freeze state, Divya shared that he has hurt a lot of girls inside the house and outside as well, including her. She also shared that she tried to support him as long as she could but now she has parted ways with him because of the way he is behaving inside the house. She told him that he changed as a person and he should make it up. Divya also advised him to not get influenced by other housemates and get into a group. His real friend is Vikas and he should listen to him, Divya advised him.

Before leaving, Divya said, “You have ruined everything. Everyone has started calling us fake. I don’t know about you but at least it wasn’t fake from my side.” Priyank broke into tears and Divya left. When Priyank was released, he rushed to the main door of the house but he couldn’t get to meet Divya. Priyank was seen crying at the door. He didn’t talk to anyone for a while. Meanwhile, all the gharwalas started reacting to him. Divya’s identiy left Hina Khan confused as she thought her to be his girlfriend from US. Vikas just went off saying that he does this drama in every reality show and it doesn’t matter to him.

Priyank later cleared it to Hina saying, “I had a few (Bigg Boss) interviews before coming to on this show. I was dating Divya.” To which Hina said, “But you yesterday only told me that it was fake and it was for the show. When asked if they are still together, he said, “No, we broke up then and there. Before I came on this show we had an argument so we decided that we’re breaking up. It got over.”

Hina told Priyank that this is wrong and he should be with one person in life. In a video, Priyank is seen telling Vikas that Benafsha was just his friend and there was nothing between them. In return, Vikas angrily said, “Tum achhe dost ka definition apne dimaag mein daal lo. Tumhari harkatein toh nahi hoti naa (dost) waisi. You should understand that there must be something which is giving people a reason to talk about you this way.” Vikas also told him not to worry about his social media fans. He also asked him, “Don’t think about Instagram. What was she (Divya) talking about Divyank fans??” and Priyank’s reaction was shocking. He said, “Bakwaas. Fark nahi padta hai.”

While Priyank is claiming to have broken up with Divya, in an interview before re-entering the house, he shared that he is still committed to Divya. Looks like all his fans have their answers!


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