Priyank Sharma’s game OVER, shares shocking facts about Vikas Gupta and Divya Agarwal

Last week, contestant Priyank Sharma was shown the exit door from the Bigg Boss house after he lost to Luv Tyagi in evictions. This season, Priyank was one contestant who got a second chance to be on the show. Priyank was earlier evicted from the show after he got physical with his co-contestant Akash Dadlani. Later, he was called back on the show and post that, he managed to stay for long. Priyank has been into nominations a lot of times but he has been lucky almost every time. Last time, he was saved by the housemates over Hiten Tejwani.


But this time his co-contestant Luv Tyagi got lucky again and Priyank had to leave the show. On coming out of the show, he shared about his Bigg Boss journey. He shared, “When I entered the show again during Diwali, I was bubbling with energy wanting to prove myself. In the course of time I enjoyed myself, made stronger bonds, also a lot of mistakes but I learnt from it all. I was down and depressed after being portrayed so negatively and there actually came a time when I wanted to quit the show. Thankfully I had Bigg Boss with me, who told me that the world knows that my heart is at the right place, it just that I need to be strong. I did that and today like a phoenix, I have come out stronger of the phase.”


He hogged the limelight when his ex-girlfriend Divya Agarwal entered the Bigg Boss house and revealed some shocking things. On asked about Divya, he shared that he really doesn’t want to discuss about her and that he shares a beautiful bond with her and always respects her. He added, “Before entering the show we had broken up but after what was projected on-screen, she had few questions and worries, which she tried to clear out and also publicly announce our separation. There is no hatred towards her and I am really happy for what she is doing in her career.”

Also, in the last few weeks, we saw Priyank having a love-hate relationship with friend Vikas Gupta. There were times when the two were seen back bitching about each other but then after Hiten Tejwani’s eviction, they came closer. Here is what Priyank had to say about his friendship with Vikas. He said, “We are friends and will always be so. What you guys saw on Bigg Boss was very much real. Everyone fights with their friends and have a different opinion but that doesn’t mean that we will end our friendship. As friends, we have always been there for each other while we both also played our individual game, there was no faking or game in that.”

Well, Bigg Boss is really an unpredictable show! The finale is almost here and we are so eagerly waiting to see who wins the show.


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