Priyanka Chopra’s Mom Madhu Chopra Praise Nick Jonas As A Loving Dad

Nick Jonas isn’t just stealing hearts with his music and acting. He’s also winning over the hearts of fans (and his mother-in-law!) with his dedication to fatherhood. Priyanka Chopra’s mom, Madhu Chopra, recently showered Nick with praise, calling him a “loving and respectful jamaai” and a true “family person.”

Madhu’s admiration stems from Nick’s commitment to taking care of their daughter, Malti when Priyanka is busy with work. “When Priyanka is out on any assignments, he takes care of Malti,” Madhu shared. “We are so blessed to have him.”

nick jonas taking care of malti in absence of priyanka chopra
Nick Jonas taking care of Malti in absence of Priyanka Chopra

Nick Jonas: The Dream Husband and Doting Dad

While Nick might be a “foreigner,” Madhu believes his heart lies in the family. She points out that he and Priyanka share similar values, with family being the cornerstone of their lives. This shared understanding translates into their parenting approach, ensuring Malti feels loved and supported by both parents.

Madhu even acknowledges the adorable cultural twist: “Malti may look like her father Nick, but she is all desi and enjoys all the Indian foods from butter chicken to everything.” Nick is embracing his Indian family wholeheartedly, winning over hearts with his butter chicken-loving daughter!

priyanka chopra and nick jonas
Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas

A Team Effort: Priyanka Chopra and Nick’s Supportive Partnership

Madhu’s praise extends beyond Nick, acknowledging Priyanka’s dedication to motherhood. She expresses her pride in seeing her daughter excel in both her professional and personal life. “I see Priyanka and Nick supporting each other professionally too so well,” Madhu says. “I feel so content now as Priyanka is shouldering her motherhood responsibilities better than me.”

This supportive partnership is a testament to their strong bond as a couple and a family. Nick’s willingness to step up and share parenting duties allows Priyanka to pursue her career ambitions without compromising on her role as a mother.

Priyanka chopra and Nick Jonas
Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas

From Heartthrob to Father Figure: Nick Jonas Charms Us All

Nick Jonas’ journey from heartthrob singer to devoted husband and father is truly heartwarming. His dedication to Malti and his supportive partnership with Priyanka showcase a side of him that’s both endearing and admirable. It’s no wonder Madhu Chopra is head over heels for her “jamaai”!


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