Priyanka Chopra’s Joyous Holi Celebration In India With Nick Jonas And Family

Priyanka Chopra celebrated the festival of Holi in India this time with husband Nick Jonas. These days Priyanka is in India. She celebrated the festival of colours with her family. Mannara Chopra, who gained fame from Big Boss 17, was also seen at this celebration. glimpses of Priyanka’s Holi celebration have surfaced on social media.

Priyanka Chopra is counted among those who celebrate every festival with pomp and show. The festival of Holi is her favourite. She celebrates this festival every year with great enthusiasm. This celebration is even more special for Priyanka because she is seen celebrating the festival of colours in India for the first time after becoming a mother.

Priyanka Chopra celebrated Holi With Her Family

Priyanka Chopra had come to India some time ago and had enjoyed ‘Roman Holi’. After that, Nick Jonas also joined his wife in Mumbai. After visiting Ram Lalla with her husband and daughter, today Priyanka celebrated the festival of colours.

The ‘Desi Girl’ celebrated this year’s Holi with her family. In this celebration, the actress’s cousin sister and ‘Big Boss 17’ fame Mannara Chopra also joined. glimpses of Priyanka’s Holi celebration have surfaced on social media.

Pictures and videos of Priyanka’s Holi celebration are from her fan page. In one picture, Priyanka can be seen holding her daughter Malti Marie Chopra Jonas in her lap.

Behind the actress, Nick Jonas can also be seen posing with sunglasses on in red colour. The actress looks beautiful in a white-coloured salwar suit.

Apart from playing with colours, Priyanka also danced to the beat of drums with her husband Nick and family. A video has surfaced in which Priyanka can be seen dancing to the drums with her husband and other cousins. She can be seen posing with Mannara and other people in one photo. In one picture, Priyanka’s whole family is seen covered in colours.