Priyanka Chopra’s Mom Madhu Reveals She Was An Emergency C-Section Baby & A Tom Boy in School

Priyanka Chopra has managed to win the hearts of everyone with her breathtaking andaaz. This Miss World 2000 has become global domination now and everyone in the Industry believes the same. She is taking India and Indian talent to the next level. Yesterday, it was Priyanka Chopra’s birthday and her mom Madhu Chopra shared some beautiful details about the actress.

She shared, “She was an emergency C-section. Her Dad was not in town and I was rushed to the hospital. A nurse asked me: What you want? I said: Girl. She said: Most want boys. I said: No, I want A Girl. It took 4 months to name her. A close friend of mine suggested I name her Priyanka.”

Madhu ji recalled her daughter’s childhood days and the moment she was crowned as Miss India, and shared, “She was a tom-boy. Couldn’t keep her down on table-kursi. She was a very good student, came 1st or 2nd in class in school. She was in college and Miss India Contest happened. Mere aankhon ke saamne meri beti kisi aur ki ho gayi. I hugged her with the crown on her head and asked: Studies? She said: Mom, this question here?”

Madhu ji also talked about the reactions that Priyanka received on her decision to work in movies. She said, ” Her dad’s family was not in happy space when they discussed her being in movies. Tab sab nahin karti thi movies, aajkal sab karti hain. My husband’s elder brother said: Okay, go ahead. I said: Give her one year. He said: Stay with her throughout, aapni doctori ki practice bhool jao. I looked at her and saw that pleading look in her eyes. The rest, as they say, is history.”

She further added, “One producer told her that he couldn’t narrate her the film in my presence. She got up and said: I can’t do the film which you can’t narrate in front of my mother. She did a few films for the sake of relations. Like one she did with Sanjay Dutt, my husband was a good friend of Dutt. But that film failed. She refused certain roles thereafter, people told her ‘pange le rahi ho’ but she was convinced ‘now the script will only be the decider’.”

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