Priyanka-Nick Share Plans On Having A Baby Soon!! Say It’s Something They “Hope Happens”

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas are the most admired couple in Bollywood as well as Hollywood. Both share a wide range of fan following and successful careers. Nick is an actor and a singer who is loved all around the world. Whereas, Priyanka Chopra, who emerged as an icon to the world.

The couple put a ring on their relationship in 2018. Being married for around 4 years, they seem to be giving positive responses when talking about starting a family. Both The famous couple has views on baby plans.

Priyanka Chopra said having babies is a “big part” of their desires for the future. “They’d undoubtedly slow down their life when something like this happens,” she said. She also added that both she and Nick along with the Jonas Brothers agree on this.

“By God’s grace, when it happens, it happens,” the actress said. Yet, they don’t want to rush into things.

In addition to this, Priyanka revealed she is “Craving balance” in her life right now and does not want to spend 2022 away from her family.

Nick Jonas was questioned on the same and he seem to share the same viewpoint as his wife. He said that he has never seen Priyanka overwhelmed with their fame. Revealing that they’ve “set real boundaries” over their personal lives and “Little safe heaven” including friends and family.

The couple also hilariously added how Priyanka’s mother Madhu Chopra had “no hopes” about her finally getting married to someone. “Her attention is diverted by my marriage. She’s very much an Asian mom, very excited about the fact that I finally did it,” she said.



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