This very act of daughter Samairra at a party made mommy Juhi Parmar super-proud. The six year old girl proves to be an embodiment of ‘what children see, they adapt’. The little  munchkin wooed her mommy with such a sweet gesture.

The daily soap actress is a single parent and had been going through a tough time after divorce. It was in 2018 that the actress divorced the telly star, Sachin Shroff after 8 years of marriage. Juhi is a single mother to a six year old daughter.

Being a mother is a choice and comes with a lot of responsibilities. Juhi seems to be upright with her duties. She has been living all her life for her daughter. She has been shaping her daughter into a beautiful person who shows such sweet gestures quite often. She even threw a Frozen theme party on her sixth birthday.

Here is a n adorable incident that Juhi narrates, she says Samairra made her feel proud. In one of her posts she wrote, “Girls have a nurturing instinct from such a young age. Recently at a cousin’s party, Samairra saw a little baby unattended and got worried. Instead of going and playing she decided to protect the baby and she lifted her up and carefully took her in a corner as she thought otherwise the baby would get lost. She came and later narrated the entire incident to me asking me “Mumma are you proud of me?” And I realized that for children, approval from their parents and making them proud is so important. For Samairra doing the right thing was important because Mumma would be proud. And looking back I realize most of us at any age, will always remain ‘children” for our parents, and hence that feeling of making them proud is very special!”

The mother-daughter duo share an inseparable bond and we can’t get enough of them. Samairra’s sole custody lies with her mother. On being paped and busted with questions, Juhi replied the media wih- “Of course it’s not easy! Single Parenting has its own challenges but this has been my reality for the last two years. I get double the love, double the attention and double the responsibilities – it’s a mixed bag at the end of the day. But you would be surprised, God has made us women very strong and I’m blessed to have a great support system in my parents and friends to be able to take on the challenge of single parenting.” She even shared that children are very instinctive and they know when something is happening and her daughter has never asked to many questions about her parents’divorce.

Here’s to the beautiful duo at a party:

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My Best Reward And Award This morning I had various letter stickers which were placed on my hand by Samairra and I began to wonder what the cryptic message could be. When I asked my little one she told me, "Mamma these are the first letters of all the names of your shows – Kumkum, Bigg Boss, Shani and now Tantra" I couldn't stop beaming because for me it is these small little things which Samairra does that become my best reward and award. In her own little way she had creatively laid out my portfolio of work right in the palm of my hand. And as I looked in her eyes I could see her pride as she spoke about her mamma's work. And of course, she loves watching Mamma on screen as she truly is my biggest fan as well as toughest critic! I see what I am and what I want to be, in my baby's eyes. . . . @samairratales #mammaginni #mammadaughter #mommy #daughter #mommyanddaughter #momanddaughter #blog #motherblogging #momblogging #blogpost #blogging #motherdaughterblogging #motherhood #kidsofinstagram #babiesofinstagram #juhiblogs

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Frozen themed birthday party