5 Things That Prove Television Is Way Ahead Of Bollywood

All those who wish to know about the most cliché things in India should start investing more time on watching the Indian daily soaps. They have been running on Television since ages. No matter how repetitive the story seems, it still sells. People have been served with the same old dramatic stories over and over again and yet they don’t get tired watching them.

But in terms of progress, the Hindi Television industry is giving a tough competition to the Bollywood industry. So much so that they have gone far ahead of Bollywood in a few cases. Don’t believe? Scroll down and read these 10 things to understand how Television has gone way ahead of Bollywood:

Beyond-bizarre plot line

A few months back, the Sony Entertainment channel aired a TV show with the title name ‘Pehredaar Piya Ki’, which was later pulled off. The show was based on a 9-year-old boy who fell in love with an 18-year-old lady and got married to her. The show got criticized by the viewers to an extent that the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting had to intervene to ask the makers of the show to pull it back.

AIB Knockout

AIB Knockout was a roast comedy show which was aired on Youtube two years back. The show starred Ranveer Singh and Arjun Kapoor as the roast and Karan Johar as the host (roastmaster). As soon as it was uploaded on Youtube, it went viral. However, after a petition was filed against the show, AIB Knockout was removed from YouTube by AIB team. While removing, AIB team tweeted, “Have taken down AIB Knockout for now. We will speak soon.”

Intimate scenes

When it comes to airing intimate scenes, Hindi Television industry is not far behind from Bollywood. Even after knowing the fact that TV is watched by the family together, there are several shows that show obscene scenes. And the major reason behind the same is the TRPs. The most recent one to have included intimate scenes in it was Ekta Kapoor’s ALT Balaji web series called ‘Gandi Baat’.

Hot Television Bahus

The Television actresses who enact the role of typical Indian bahus on the small screen are bold and hot in real life.

Supernatural Drama

The industry has completely forgotten the difference between reasonable and unreasonable. Supernatural cartoons were okay but supernatural dramas have gone to another level. Take for example Color TV’s program Sasural Simar where the lead actress Simar turns into a Makkhi. Also the Naagin Tv show, where actresses turn into snakes.


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