Monsoon season is one of the most beautiful times of the year. Blazing hot sunny days give way to dark clouds and romantic showers. However, monsoons can also mean an infinite stream of fashion woes. Rains are here and its time to pack those leather shoes, stilettoes, sheer tops and pastel coloured tops.

Here we present some Fashion hacks for rainy season to get ‘monsoon ready’ before stepping out.

  • Hats :

Waterproof  hats are a great accessory to protect your hair and face from the rain pour.

  • Trench Coat :

Carry a waterproof trench coat to move in style, even in the rains. The market is flooded with a variety of waterproof trench coat, So go and find the one you love to pull off.

  • Rain Shoes :

It is generally said that rainy season are for flip flops. Yes, we completely agree with that, for casual look they are perfect ; but for office wear you need some shoes. These waterproof shoes will make you travel easy with their strong grip and also act as a barrier between the water and your feet. 

  • Cotton 

Jeans should be avoided during this season as they are made from thick fabric and takes quite a long time to get dry. So, prefer cotton clothes over jeans and opt for dark colours because its quite tough to remove stains from cotton clothes.

  • Knee Lengh

Wearing capris, shorts or cropped pants while walking down the street, will surely be the best choice in the rainy weather.

  • Dark Shades

To prevent yourself from any awkward moments, avoid white and lighter shades. Light shades often turn transparent when they get wet. Choose bright colours to cheer cloudy mornings.