R Madhavan’s Son Vedant Won Gold Medal To The Country In Danish Open, Deets Inside!!

Bollywood actor R Madhavan’s son Vedant Madhavan has brought laurels to the country by winning a gold medal after winning a silver medal at the Danish Open 2022. According to the information, Vedant Madhavan has won the freestyle swimming 800m event. The Swimming Federation of India tweeted that it has congratulated Vedanta on winning the gold medal in the Danish Open, and R Madhavan also tweeted his happiness for his son’s victory.

R Madhavan’s Tweet

R Madhavan tweeted and wrote, ‘And so the winning streak continues even today.” R Madhavan has also shared a picture of his son, in which he is presented with a medal and he is seen with his co-contestants in this picture.

Vedant Madhavan

R Madhavan has also shared a picture of his son Vedant, in which he is seen holding a gold medal in his hand. Sharing the picture of the son with his Twitter handle, he wrote, “Congratulations, this is gold, for India.” On R Madhavan’s post, users are congratulating Vedant Madhavan for winning gold. Like father like son. What an unprecedented achievement! We all are proud of you Veera Raghavan.

“Ek Sona Sona Hai Sona Sona Hai….” India is looking forward to this moment especially in a very niche sport like swimming. Will follow closely, more power to him, blessings to him. Similarly, another reacted to Madhavan’s post and wrote, “Congratulations Vedanta… Good luck for the Olympics… Hard work always pays off… and glad you are making your mark and sponsoring you. Don’t depend on your father for that.. which is more important and your parents are proud of it.”