Radhika Madan Is Not Afraid Of Being Out Of Sight During Pandemic

The year 2020 was full of ups and downs. With theatres getting closed and films getting released on digital platforms, everything got a little messed up. Actress Radhika Madan who has beautifully graduated from TV to films had only one release i.e. Angrezi Medium in 2020. However, this year Radhika had two back-to-back anthology films, Feels like Ishq and Ray. The actress is quite happy with her career graph and is not afraid of the fact that fans might forget her if she is not seen very often on-screen during the pandemic.

On being asked if she feared being out of sight and hence, out of mind to which she replied, “The pandemic was going on and shoots had to be stalled. I was at home and was happy spending some quality time with my parents in Delhi after working continuously for so many months.”

There is no doubt that Radhika Madan had given exceptional performance in Ray, but despite that, the anthology had faced criticism from many netizens for not delivering the original plot. Sharing her experience working on it, Radhika said, “To each, his own,” remarks Madan, adding, “People are entitled to their opinions. All I can say is that we had taken Satyajit Ray’s stories and adapted it to suit the modern sensibilities else it would look and feel very dated.”

She also shared playing a pivotal part in Feels Like Ishq and the actress is quite happy with it as it served as a break from back-to-back intense roles that she has been playing for the past few years. She said, “Essaying so many intense parts, one after the other takes a toll on you after a point of time. Working on Feels Like Ishq felt like a party and before we knew it, the shoot was over.”

Some time ago, Radhika Madan had also talked about being body-shamed and being asked to undergo surgery in the initial days of her career. She revealed that she was not comfortable with it and ignored the suggestions. However, the actress is ready to push limits for essaying different roles in her movies. Talking about the same, Radhika said, “I’m ready to lose and gain weight if my characters require me to do so. For my first film, Pataakha (2018), I had gained 12kg because I had to play a woman who is way older than I am. In the same month, I was required to audition for a 17-year old girl. I also had to undergo training to get into the shape of a swimmer in Shiddat.”

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