Raftaar Became The First Rapper To Take Fees In virtual currency, Taking Cryptocurrency For The Show

Cryptocurrency is taking over the world and now it has come to our music industry. Renowned rapper and musician Raftaar has revealed that he is charging cryptocurrency for his shows. Ankit Khanna, Raftaar’s manager, and business partner for nearly 15 years has booked a show that will be released in the second week of July. The show will be organized for a private party of 100 people in Ottawa, Canada.

Raftaar has become the first Indian artist to take cryptocurrency for performance. Talking about this, Raftaar said, “I have always been a fan of blockchain technology and I have always wondered why artists and managers have not explored the potential of this medium. I have finally taken baby steps in this direction.


Ankit Khanna said, “In my opinion music will be one of the industries to fully adopt blockchain. The artist can now go directly to the public in every way without intermediaries. Blockchain has the potential to accelerate a seamless experience for anyone creating or interacting with music. I am delighted to welcome this new transaction with my longtime business partner Raftaar. It is indeed the voice of the new generation.



What is Cryptocurrency?
Cryptocurrency is a type of digital asset. In many countries, crypto is used for shopping, services. Cryptocurrencies cannot be printed as notes or coins. There is also no bank or ATM for cryptocurrencies.

Over the past year, support for cryptocurrencies has grown around the world. The cryptocurrency market crossed the $2 trillion market cap in April. However, later in May, the crypto market also suffered a lot of setbacks.