Rahul Vaidya Reveals The Reason Why He Turned Down ‘Top TV Show’ And On Doing Commercial With Kareena Kapoor Khan

Rahul Vaidya rose to extreme fame with Bigg Boss season 14. He was one of the least controversial contestants of the house. As the show ended, the singer became the first runner-up of the show. Now, that the controversial reality show is over, Rahul has started getting some good work. He was even offered one commercial along with Kareena Kapoor. Now, in a recent interview, Rahul Vaidya revealed that he rejected a TV acting offer as he is not interested in doing television shows.

Speaking to ETimes, Rahul said that he doesn’t feel like he’s cut out for demanding TV schedules. But, he said, people no longer perceive him as a behind-the-camera figure. “I was offered a top TV show after ‘Bigg Boss 14’. I won’t like to give its name because I turned down that offer so makes little sense talking about it,” he told the portal, adding, “I don’t have anything against TV shows. It’s just that I can’t see myself doing the 12 hour shift of a TV serial.”

Speaking about his commercial with Kareena, and the rumours that it fuelled about them doing a film together, he said, “I am a huge fan of Kareena. But this rumour was quite bizarre. It started after the director uploaded two back to back stories on his social media, one where I was doing that commercial and the other when he was doing another project with her.”

Rahul says his routine as a singer is erratic and unorthodox and he cannot fit into the discipline of a fixed hour job. “Other contestants when they come out of ‘Bigg Boss’ they do music videos. But I am a singer, and this is what I do. So, I have to make more music and videos,” he says, adding, “ I am not schooled for 12 hours a day kind of shift. Making music is erratic, it keeps me up at nights, and I am sleeping during the day.”