‘Rahul’s Words, Sonia’s Sanskar’; Smriti Irani Lashes Back At Congress For ‘Gungi-Behri’ Remark; Read On!


On Tuesday, Government Minister Smriti Irani harshly criticized Congress leaders Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi over some contentious comments made about her by the president of the Youth Congress, BC Srinivas, during a recent event hosted by the Congress. Read on to know the entire story!

Rahul Gandhi, a prominent figure in the Indian National Congress is lately grabbing multiple headlines in the media reports. A Surat Court had convicted Rahul Gandhi in a criminal defamation case over his ‘Modi surname’ remark on March 23, 2023 and sentenced him jail for the span of two years. The two year jail period lead to his disqualification as the Lok Sabha Member. Rahul Gandhi was granted bail so that he can appeal in front of the higher court.

Smriti Irani Takes A Dig At BV Srinivas’ ‘Gungi-Behri’ Remark

Union Minister, Smriti Irani slammed Rahul Gandhi and other Congress ministers over the reported ‘gungi-behri’ remark passed by BV Sriniwas. She said, “I’m saying this because he’s not the first leader of the Youth Congress to make lewd remarks… “Unless these two are present, every Congress politician seeking promotion would continue to make such lewd remarks,” Irani continued. “Jab tak ye do hain, tab tak Congress ka neta jo promotion chaahega, woh is praakar ki abhadra tippiniya karta rahega.”

Shabd Rahul Gandhi ke hain, sanskaar Sonia Gandhi ke hain, bas zuban Yuva Congress ki hai (The words are Rahul Gandhi’s, the values are Sonia Gandhi’s, only the mouth belongs to Youth Congress),” she claimed.

In response to the video, the BJP has attacked Srinivas vehemently. Congress, according to a party official, has turned into a “cesspool of misogyny.”

Rahul Gandhi was attacked and accused of insulting prime minister Modi in Parliament earlier today by union minister Smriti Irani. Rahul has in response claimed that he will keep attacking PM Modi’s image until he destroys it.

BJP Spokesperson Attacks BV Srinivas Over The Clip

“First abuse OBC, then courts and then throw papers at the speakers; abuse journalists and now abuse women! Congress has repeatedly insulted people who have achieved success through their own hard work. They have mispronounced Rashtrapati as Rashtrapatni. They said that Draupadi ji has a bad attitude, insulted even the PM’s mother, and chanted “Modi ki Kabr” khudegi. Thought belongs to Rahul Gandhi, while the words are by BV Srinivas. Will Sonia ji and Priyanka take action against him? Is this a group of abhorrent misogynists or “Ladki hoon lad sakti hoon”? he tweeted.

Congress Lashes Back At The Criticism

In the meantime, the Young Congress has forcefully reacted to the allegations, asserting that BJP leaders were disseminating a doctored version of Srinivas’ speech in order to harm both his and the party’s reputations. It issued a statement saying, “It is nothing but a disinformation and fake news campaign started by BJP supporters and office bearers.”

Trinamool Congress (TMC) leader Shatrughan Sinha has criticised the Indian government over Rahul Gandhi’s exclusion from the Lok Parliament. Sinha claimed that the government’s action shows poor judgement but will give the opposition parties more fodder.

Rahul Gandhi Loses His Bungalow

Rahul Gandhi was given notice by the Lok Sabha Secretariat on Monday to vacate the assigned bungalow, 12, Tughlaq Lane, “for a maximum term of one month,” or up until April 22. “As of April 23, 2003, the aforementioned accommodation’s allocation shall be deemed to have been cancelled.”

Mallikarjun Kharge, president of the Congress and leader of the opposition in the Rajya Sabha, declared that if necessary, he would personally provide Rahul with a home. “He (Rahul) can come to me and I’ll give him a room, or he can go live with his mother,” he said. He rejects the government’s use of intimidation, fear, and threats. Kharge told reporters, “In a democracy, we have frequently survived for three to four months without a home. After six months, I acquired this home. These actions are taken by people to degrade others. I abhor this behaviour.

Pramod Tiwari, a Congress member, told ANI: “This demonstrates the BJP’s animosity towards Rahul Gandhi.” Former Congressman and Rajya Sabha member Kapil Sibal referred to the action as “petty politics of petty men.”

Congress Party’s Black Protest Over Rahul Gandhi’s Disqualification

In protest of Rahul Gandhi, being “illegally disqualified” from the House, opposition politicians donned black on Monday in protest. As soon as the House convened, the three Congress members T N Prathapan Hibi Eden, Jothi Mani S, and Ramya Haridas tossed papers towards Speaker Om Birla from the Well of the House. Some of the MPs also waved black cloth at the Speaker. Birla then decided to postpone the proceedings until 4 o’clock.