Raj Kundra Shares Cryptic ‘We Have Separated’ Post, Sets Internet On Fire

Raj Kundra, best known as Shilpa Shetty’s husband and the man behind the upcoming film “UT 69,” created quite a stir on the internet with a cryptic post that left fans and followers intrigued.

As the film promotion gears up, Raj Kundra shared a mysterious message on X (formerly known as Twitter) that read, “We have separated and kindly request you to give us time during this difficult period.” The unexpected post sent the online community into a frenzy.

A Cryptic Twist

The post, which offered no further details or context, left many pondering its meaning. While it appeared to imply a separation, it left room for speculation, especially considering Raj Kundra’s forthcoming role in “UT 69,” where he plays himself. It’s safe to say that this cryptic message ignited curiosity.

Internet’s Response

The internet being the internet, users flocked to the comments section to voice their thoughts and reactions. Amidst the confusion, some users resorted to humor, with one quipping, “Separated from the mask, may the mask spend the rest of his life in solace.” Another chimed in, calling it a “lame gimmick,” while another user speculated that perhaps Raj was talking about his masks.

A Clue in a Mask

Raj Kundra’s penchant for masks recently became a talking point. At a press conference for “UT 69,” he sported a helmet-like mask but later revealed the reason behind it. Raj explained, “I wore the mask out of pain. The media trial was painful. It was more painful than my legal trial that’s going on. I don’t blame you (addressing the media) as you were doing your work. But it was so painful that I wanted to cover up. I don’t want to be spotted. I don’t want to get clicked.”

Shilpa Shetty’s Silence

Shilpa Shetty, who often shares her life and thoughts on social media, has not yet commented on Raj Kundra’s enigmatic post, leaving fans in suspense. It’s worth noting that social media is a hub for cryptic posts, teasers, and hints, so this might just be part of a larger puzzle.

In the realm of Bollywood and its intertwining narratives, Raj Kundra’s message has created quite the buzz. Whether it’s a clever promotional move for “UT 69,” a personal revelation, or something else entirely, the online world eagerly awaits further clues and answers. As Raj’s post continues to pique curiosity, it’s safe to say that the internet’s detective mode is fully activated, ready to decode this cryptic message.

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