Rajeev Khandelwal Shares His Casting Couch Experience,”Mentioned Having A Girlfriend So That The Guy Knows Iam Straight”

The glamour world might look all glistening from outside but the it has its own share of problems. One of the Bollywood’s most talked about concern has been the topic of casting couch. And the menace of casting couch is not just limited to women. Bollywood actor Rajeev Khandelwal shared his #Metoo story and revealed that he was offered a film by a filmmaker in exchange of favours.

In an interview TOI, Rajeev Khandelwal narrated his casting couch experience, “The incident gave me flashes of a once-upon-a-time super director who had offered me a movie back then when I did not start doing films,”


The actor went on to reveal that he was called into the filmmaker’s office to discuss the film,“Next time, he called me from his office to his room, and then he made me sit there and decided not to give me the story, instead asked me to decide whether I want to do the movie based on one song.”


Next, he explained how he escaped the situation,“I found myself feeling how any woman in my place would have felt. He asked me to go to his room which I refused to. I dropped names and mentioned that I have a girlfriend back then waiting for me so that the guy knows that I am straight.”


Rajeev was also threatened about his career but he turned down the two-film deal from the filmmaker. “Later, he offered me a two-film deal, saying that he had heard that I was doing a small budget-movie, which was ‘Aamir’, at that time. I replied to him saying that I was happy with my small budget movie. I don’t know what happened to his film when it came out.”

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