Rakhi Sawant Finally Reveal Why She Has Kept Her Husband A Secret

Rakhi Sawant has been in the limelight ever since the news of her wedding with a UK based businessman Ritesh broke on the internet. She earlier denied any truth relating to her marriage but later confirmed that she did indeed get married in a hotel room at JW Marriott in Mumbai on 28 July. However, she hasn’t yet disclosed a lot about her husband and we haven’t even gotten our hands at his pics. Ever wondered why? Here’s what Rakhi Sawant has to say about the secrecy surrounding her husband.

Rakhi Sawant revealed the real reason behind her husband being missing from the limelight and in a recent interview with the Hindustan Times, she said, “Mere husband ko media etc pasand nahi. Unko kisi ke saamne aana nahi tha. Shaadi toh family ke beech mein hoti hai, duniya ko thhodi na bulana hota hai!.” She also recently revealed her husband’s job profile during a conversation with Times Of India and said, “My husband works with Donald Trump’s company as an employee.”

Previously, in 2009, Rakhi got engaged to Toronto-based businessman Elesh Parujanwala on national television. However, she called it off after a few months, admitting that she got engaged to him for money and claimed that he was not financially well off.

“I got engaged to Elesh for money, I wanted to buy a flat. Why should I lie? I didn’t want to marry someone only to divorce him later. I am not dating anyone. Also, I am not getting good prospects because of my image created by the media. I don’t want to marry a young guy or a struggler. I am looking for a mature and affluent man, who can take care of me and my needs,” she told The Times Of India in an interview back then.