Rakhi Sawant Is Heading To UK To Live With Her Husband; Discloses His Salary

Rakhi Sawant has gained a lot of limelight recently owing to her secret marriage with Ritesh. The actress earlier denied all rumors about her marriage but later confirmed to the same. Even though she has confirmed to her wedding news, she hasn’t disclosed any details about her husband Ritesh. Pictures also do not show her husband at all. Now, people are filled with anxiety to see the man but we only have a few facts that we know about him.


1) Rakhi Sawat’s husband Ritesh is NRI and is currently based in UK

2) Rakhi earlier revealed Ritesh works for Donald Trump’s company in the UK as an employee.

3) He is a big fan of Rakhi Sawant

4) ‘It’s a WhatsApp love affair and marriage,’ as revealed by Rakhi. She said, “We started chatting on WhatApp, he proposed to me on WhatsApp and you can say that ‘It’s a WhatsApp love affair and marriage’. Ritesh has such good parents and sisters. Mera pati mere liye parmeshwar hai.”

5) Rakhi and Ritesh are planning for a baby in 2020.

6) Rakhi also revealed, her husband Ritesh is a very private person who doesn’t like media limelight. “Ritesh is a very private person and does not prefer talking to the media or being seen about much. He is a businessman and a wonderful, sorted man,” said Rakhi

Now recently, Rakhi shared a post on her Instagram informing her fans about her honeymoon. She said that she is going to UK next week. Have a look at the picture and her comments. She also said that “He’s earning pounds 💷”, “Im coming to uk next week 🙏all my fans”, “Um going 4 my honeymoon but this time alone honeymoon I don’t where my Hasband is oops 😬 he’s busy” and “Do I have fans in London did i”. She concluded, “He’s working so hard omg 😮”. Have a look:

Well, we hope to see her husband soon.