Rakhi Sawant has always been at the receiving end of criticism and has been trolled on countless occasions. Recently, the actress has been making headlines for her marriage with a UK-based man Ritesh. She hasn’t even shared any picture of her husband but had been posting pics with Sindoor, Mangalsutra, and Chooda on her Instagram page. Earlier she had denied all claims of her marriage only to accept her marriage a day later.

Now that the heat around marriage is getting to subside, she has retreated to her initial ways of getting the limelight. The actress recently made an appearance at the launch event of her video song Chappan Churi. At the event, Rakhi was snapped flaunting her sultry body in a beige shimmery transparent body-con dress with a plunging neckline and innerwear. The actress was also spotted grooving on sexy moves and steps showcasing the most of her to the media and public. As the actress got massively trolled for her dress revealing her body, Rakhi posted a video on social media crying her heart out explaining her fans how clueless she was.


Sunday, crying her heart out the Rakhi expressed how she is facing a lot of problem due to the video. She mentioned about how she does not care about the video and doesn’t care about anything and mentioned how clueless she was that the light would expose and reflect her body. She explained how didn’t know and that the costume she wore at the Chappan Churi launch was provided by a designer. She mentioned how she had no intention in exposing her body in public and didn’t know it was transparent.


Rakhi in her video said that she is upset and she doesn’t understand why everyone is blaming her for wearing the outfit as she had no idea about the gown being revealing. Crying, Rakhi spoke how people are talking shit about her but she does not care about it. Rakhi further added, apologizing to her fans said her life is over as her personal man doesn’t understand her. Finally feeling sorry about the same concluded that she had no interest in revealing her body in public.