Rakhi Sawant Was Planning A Child In 2022; Said, Holding Ritesh’s Feet, Cried Not To Leave Me!

Actress Rakhi Sawant has separated from her husband Ritesh. They have broken off their three-year marriage. Recently, the actress informed her fans about this by stating her social media account. Now Rakhi Sawant has spoken openly about her husband Ritesh.

On Sunday, a day before Valentine’s Day, Rakhi Sawant announced her separation from Riteish. The actress said that she was “unbeknownst to some things” which were out of my control. In her statement, the actress had said that she is ‘really sad and heartbroken’.

In an interview with the media, Rakhi cried saying, “He left me! I loved him very much and he left me. A few weeks ago after Bigg Boss, we started living together in our house in Mumbai, but yesterday He packed his stuff and left me. He said he was in legal trouble because he didn’t divorce his first wife and he doesn’t want to be with me anymore. He said that he has also suffered a lot in his business. I had to go through a lot of scrutinies after entering the Bigg Boss house with me. After coming out of the Bigg Boss house, when I found out that he had a wife and a child, I was heartbroken. I am a woman and Can’t do injustice to a child. He has left me and everything is over.” Not only this Rakhi said that they were planning for the baby in the year 2022.

Recalling their meeting, Rakhi said, “We connected through WhatsApp and we chatted for about 6 months. Then he also sent his location, bank account details, and other things and I believed him. He proposed marriage and since I also wanted to settle down with someone in my life, I married him three years ago. Then when I made it public that I was married, no one believed me. So I convinced Ritesh to come with me to the Bigg Boss house. I love him so much and I will forgive him for everything. If he gets divorced and wants to come back to me, he should know that I am waiting for him. But if he is happy with his wife and kids then God bless him. But marriage and love are no joke to me.”

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