Rana Daggubati, the man who played the iconic Bhallaldeva in the Magnum Opus Baahubali, got rokafied a few days back to his love Miheeka Bajaj. Now, the roka was pretty surprising for everyone but the pictures from the same were heartwarming. Now, we have Rana Duggubati’s ex girlfriend Lakshmi Manchu’s Reaction when she found out about his plans to marry in an Instagram live session.

Rana Duggubati's ex girlfriend Lakshmi Manchu’s Reaction

The actor said how at first, they were shocked but eventually expressed their elation on his new beginning. Rana revealed how it was the kind of news they were waiting to hear from a long time and congratulated him. “As I said, everyone was shocked at first and then expressed their joy. It was something they wanted to hear for a long time and everyone was like ‘finally’,” stated the actor. He further talked about Miheeka and how she changed his life.

Rana added, “She was Ashritha’s (Venkatesh Daggubati’s older daughter) classmate and I knew her for a long time. However, the decision to get married happened pre-lockdown. It’s the first time I thought I will get married. That means she did something to me, right? I went with the flow.”

Rana Daggubati's ex girlfriend

Earlier in an interview with Indian Express, Rana revealed how he proposed Miheeka Bajaj. Rana said, “She knew where I’m getting at when I called her. And then she met me in person, that’s it. I remember I said a bunch of things together. For me, it was serious. It was commitment. When I met her, that’s the time I felt I am ready to do this. It was that simple, for real.”

In other news, Rana’s father Suresh Babu revealed that the couple is likely to get married by end of this year and hopes the situation gets back to normal again.

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