Ranbir Kapoor Initially Reacted After Seeing A Machine Gun In Animal: Here’s How

The art director of Animal, who was speaking exclusively to Pinkvilla, disclosed Ranbir Kapoor’s initial reaction upon seeing the enormous machine gun and his reaction to the budget details associated with it.

Recently, Jitendra Bhosale (who portrayed Freddy’s assistant in Animal), Suresh Selvarajan (the art director who created the monster machine gun in real life), and Upendra Limaye (who played the character of Freddy in Animal, the maker of the machine gun) sat down with us for an exclusive chat and shared several details while working on the film. 

Ranbir Kapoor’s reaction to seeing a monstrous machine gun for Animal

Suresh Selvarajan was questioned about Ranbir Kapoor’s response to seeing the machine gun while he was speaking with Pinkvilla. In response, he revealed how the terrifying machine gun was made, saying, “First we made the whole in a wooden shape, lifetime model we made because we can’t make any alteration on this ismein kuch correction nahin kar sakte, isme pura wood mein banaya hum log wood mein bana ke usmein pura measurement le raha tha main (I was measuring the wooden form) that time only it was looking little beast even in the wooden form.”

In response to Ranbir’s reaction, he stated, “He knew, but he was not expecting like this. It is not a dummy like a 500 kg machine. That’s what he felt very real, and he surprised and dekhne ke thode time baad he started talking actually, but I never thought Sandeep’s vision aisa aayega karke because I never thought, I am generally working for last so many years, listening to so many stories this story actually flipped. Aisa story kaisa jaa raha hai (How is this story moving),” he shared.

Budget of the machine gun

In addition, he was further queried about the budget of the machine gun. Reacting to this, he shared, “Actually, I don’t know how much it is. I know it’s a bigger number. I’ve to be very honest in this with T-Series, Bhadrakali, Bhushan ji ( Bhushan Kumar), or Pranay ji (Pranay Reddy Vanga). They told me we needed to make this. Our vision is this, you don’t think about the money. That’s why I got the freedom to make something like this.”

“Side mein the director or artist can’t be like accounts bhi dekho acting bhi karo. That freedom I got from these two big productions, that’s what may be the result like this. Honestly, I don’t know the budget how much it is for,” Suresh mentioned.