Randhir Kapoor Reminisced About His Struggling Days And Said, He ‘Worked Really Hard’ To Pay Is Daughters’ School Fees

It is a well-known fact amongst the netizens that Karishma Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor have substantiated the beautiful relationship between them and their parents through various social media posts and they have also appreciated their father for the education he could offer to them. They have remained extremely grateful and both the sisters have also showered love on each other.

Despite being a renowned actor, Randhir Kapoor spoke about his difficulties raising a family and discussed how it was easy for today’s actors to make money. In an interview, the veteran actor mentioned, “I wish I were young today. Today’s actors make a lot of money. We worked really hard to earn money. The tuition fees of my children, my electricity bills, Babita’s expenses, my Scotch were all paid from the money that I earned from acting in films.”

Upon a separate note, Randhir also mentioned that today’s stars can be selective about the choices of movies because they can earn money through endorsements and events. “Today’s stars have become very demanding. They only make one movie a year. This is because they also make money from endorsements, events, and other opportunities. We could never do just one film a year. If we weren’t working, there would be no money to run our homes and pay our bills.”

Now, when we look at the love life of Mr. Randhir Kapoor, we see that Babita and he fell in love and tied the knot in 1971. The couple had two daughters, Karishma and Kareena, but their marriage fell apart with both of them going their separate ways in 1988.

In earlier times, Randhir shared the reason behind their failed marriage, as, “She found that I was a terrible man who drank a lot and came home late, which was something she didn’t like. And I didn’t want to live the way she wanted, and she couldn’t accept me as I am, though it was a love marriage. So it’s okay. We had two lovely children to look after. She brought them up in the best way and they have excelled in their career. What else I could have asked for as a father.”

Irrespective of their parent’s separation, Karishma and Kareena still share a wonderful bond with both their parents. Kareena recently visited her father’s new home.

Hence we just wish this wonderful person, everyone’s loved veteran actor, Mr. Randhir Kapoor, a bundle full of joy in his future late life.

Primary Excerpt is taken from – The Indian Express (indianexpress.com)

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