Rangoli Chandel slams Comedian Vir Das for his ‘deep rooted racism’ post; Calls Him ‘Champu’ & ‘jobless’

Known to be the manager and  spokesperson for her sister, Kngana Ranaut, Rangoli Chandel has always been vocal about her views and spoken her mind openly whenever something bothered her. From giving her opinion on political views and nepotism, to openly criticizing directors and other influential faces of the industry, she has never minced her words and opinions.

So when the acid attack survivor took a dig at one of the most popular stand-up comedian, Vir Das, the whole media community was glued to their screens. Having a big name when it comes to stand-up comedy, and starring in Bollywood films like Delhi Belly, Badmaash Company and Go Goa Gone, Vir das has a massive following on almost all social media platforms. So when the comedian put forth his personal views in his latest tweet by mentioning the ‘plain stupidity’ that ‘long haired robe wearing bearded Indian guru type chaps’ utter, Kangana Ranaut’s sister was not too impressed with it and decided to roast the comedian.

Where Vir das tweeted,

 “Alright. Officially…..can we just all be done with long haired robe wearing bearded Indian guru type chaps? Just because the dude is wearing the outfit doesn’t make the thought spiritual. Picture just a normal dude saying what the guru says, and you’ll see how stupid it is.”, Rangoli was more than outrageous in her post and wrote,

“See the deep rooted racism, long hair and bearded robe wearing, tu roz shave karta hai toh teri champoo jaisi shakal mein char chaand lag jaate hain? organic fabric na pahen ke angrezon ki sasti copy banta hai toh bhi toh champu lagta hai !!

Taking another dig at the comedian, she further added, “Vir Das Ji,Sadhguru NYC times best selling author,Padna Vibhushana for his work in education,environment n spirituality, mind you also one of the best golfer in India, guiding light to millions, and you 2 paise ka jobless maskhara, of course you have all the right to abuse him”.


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