Ranking Actresses Most Likely to See in a Bad Movie

Who does not fancy going to their local multiplex? Whether is the experience of watching a movie on the big screen with incredible surround system, or whether you are simply in it for the social aspect and a visit to the concession stand (let us face it, the popcorn and nachos are so much better than the ones at home), for most of us is one of the greatest pastimes of all times.

Now, when it comes to watching a movie at the cinema, you never know whether you will like it or not. You might have done your research first, watched the trailer a couple of times, asked some friends who have already seen the movie for feedback, but at the end of the day you will have to make your own decision. A recent report published on the Bingofind website, will help you find the actors and actresses that you are most likely to see in a bad or a great movie. This guide will definitely come in handy the next time you visit your cineplex to watch a movie. As a reminder, the illustration was created by collecting data from the Box Office Mojo and Metacritic websites. The former, as the name suggests, is the home of anything related to the amount of money movies generate from around the world while on theatrical release, and the latter is a movie review aggregator from top critics.

We have decided to take a quick rundown of the actresses you are most likely to see in a movie that will not tickle your taste buds. For more charts, make sure you check out the actors respective table, along with the actors and actresses that you are most likely to watch in a good movie.

At the top of the chart, which is not an enviable position to be in, we find Hilary Duff with a mere 34% career score. Unfortunately for her, a planned revival of the popular Lizzie McGuire series on Disney+ was cancelled after filming two episodes. The next three names are tightly bunched together, with all of them scoring a 39% career score. Courtney Cox is in second place followed by Bella Thorne and Jessica Alba. Bella Thorne, a former Disney Channel star who appeared in Shake It Up between 2010-2013, has taken some risks as of late that have caused some controversies. Hopefully her next two movie outings, the teen romance Time Is Up, and the thriller Masquerade will help increase her overall score and how moviegoers feel about her.  Rounding out the top 5 is Ali Larter with a 40% career score. It comes as no surprise considering she only appeared in a couple of movies, including duds like A Lot Like Love and Obsessed, the latter alongside Beyonce and Idris Elba.

One thing is for certain, with the #MeToo movement on the ascendancy, women are taking initiative and the reins in a number of sectors. But when it comes to La-La Land, some actresses will appear on the best list and some on the worst list. All they have to do is make the best possible decisions when reading those movie scripts.  

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