Ranveer Singh Keeps Don 3 Look Under Wraps: ‘I Want To Make Don My Own…’

During his latest airport sighting, Ranveer Singh made sure that his Don 3 look wouldn’t get out. The actor will play the new Don in the Farhan Akhtar-directed series instead of Shah Rukh Khan. Farhan had teased Ranveer’s vibe as Don in a video, but Ranveer is likely to have a new look for the movie and doesn’t want fans to know about it yet. Because of this, the star was seen wearing a mask, sunglasses, and a hoodie on his most recent trip.

Ranveer Singh's 'Don 3' Swag: Masked, Hoodied, and All Black Everything!

Ranveer Singh is hiding his Don 3 look

Paparazzi posted a video of Ranveer leaving the airport wearing only black clothes on Instagram. Ranveer took selfies and pictures with some fans at the airport, but he wouldn’t say what he was wearing.

A lot of people were shocked when Ranveer Singh was cast as Shah Rukh’s replacement in Don 3. Some people on social media didn’t like that Shah Rukh wasn’t coming back to the series. Meanwhile, Ranveer said he would do his best in the part.

Ranveer Singh said this in an interview

Ranveer Singh's 'Don 3' Swag: Masked, Hoodied, and All Black Everything!

Ranveer said at the Red Sea Film Festival, “I want to make Don my own and give it my own spin, my own interpretation.” In Hindi film, this is the passing of the torch of one of the most loved and respected brands. It’s not lost on me what that means. It was thought that there would be some doubt when the announcement was made. However, this has happened many times in the past of movies. People were sceptical when the Bond franchise changed hands and Daniel Craig was named as the new Bond. So, this makes sense.”

“Stepping up in this franchise and carrying on the legacy of two of our biggest stars is something that doesn’t escape me. I will give it my all, and you will see the best of me. I will definitely put my best foot forward for Don,” he said.

Who will replace Priyanka Chopra in the new Don series?


A new actress has taken over Priyanka Chopra’s part in Don 3. Raveen Singh and Kiara Advani will play the main roles in the new Don movie. The third Don movie will come out in 2025.