Ranveer Singh’s Bold Advertisement With Johnny Sins Infuriates TV Actors, Call It ‘Indecent’

In the ongoing battle between the silver screen and the small screen, the latest controversy has emerged around Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh’s recent ad featuring adult film star Johnny Sins. TV stars have ignited a discussion with his pointed query, prompting reflection on the dynamics between cinema and television.

The Ad and Pandey’s Question

Singh’s advertisement for a sexual health brand, co-starring Sins, has garnered praise and criticism. While some applaud Singh for challenging taboos and promoting sexual health awareness, others have found the ad disrespectful to the television industry.

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Anupamaa fame Sudhanshu Pandey, aka Vanraj, the seemingly innocuous question to Singh, “What was the distance between the balcony and the ground?” carries more profound implications, serving as a metaphorical critique of the portrayal of television as a realm of infidelity and desperation.

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Rashami Desai

Actress Rashami Desai also voiced her discontent regarding the recent Bold Care ad. Desai took to her Instagram story to express her dissatisfaction, labelling the ad as a ‘humiliation to the TV industry’ and likening it to a ‘slap’ on their faces. Now, she expanded on her sentiments in an interview with the Hindustan Times.

During the interview, Desai asserted her stance, stating:

“We’ve never aired something like this on television. People usually ridicule the little screen but flock to TV to sell their movies. TV has the most significant reach but is also the most demeaned. There is no respectful balance. I have felt awful since I started working here..Before moving on to television, I worked in regional films. The TV industry has given me fame, money, love, and much respect for my job. When you travel overseas, people see our culture and grasp many other things [via television]. I have enormous respect for TV. This is not about Ranveer Singh. I do not want any difficulties. My words are apparent.”

Other TV Stars

According to Rajan Shahi, this was indecent and poor advertising. Making light of such important topics is completely unacceptable. I believe the manufacturers intended to catch people’s attention by making it vulgar. Now is the moment to focus on respectfully stating things rather than utilizing such notions.

Sayantani Ghosh asserts that Ranveer Singh’s film ‘Circus’ flop might have led to resorting to TV scenes for an ad. She emphasizes TV’s influential reach, demanding respect for the industry and denouncing mockery. Ghosh defends TV’s significance, noting even Bollywood stars promote on TV, highlighting its parity with cinema.

Impact and Debate

Their question has sparked a necessary dialogue about the relationship between cinema and television. It addresses the nuanced complexities of the entertainment industry, including the commodification of sex and the challenges faced by actors, irrespective of their platform. Their query amplifies the voices of millions of television actors, shedding light on their often-overlooked contributions to the industry.