Raqesh Threatened To Beat Up This Contestant Outside The House; Says, ‘I Will Definitely Beat Him’.

Bigg Boss OTT is becoming very stormy in its last phase. Every contestant is striving hard to reach the finale tremendously. The ticket to finale task given by Bigg Boss is witnessing a fierce competition between the contestants. Meanwhile, there was a heated argument between Raqesh Bapat and Prateek.

Raqesh threatened to beat up angry Prateek.

Meanwhile, Raqesh threatened to beat up angry Prateek. The talk was actually about the second round of the Ticket to Finale task, in which the match was to be between Prateek and Raqesh Bapat. In the first round of this match, Divya and Neha had reached the finale. But during the task, Prateek dropped Rakesh’s jar before the buzzer sounded. After this, the Bigg Boss Ticket to Finale task itself was canceled.

Prateek and Raqesh have often been seen clashing in this Bigg Boss contest. Even during the task, Prateek did wrong and refused to wear the mike in anger. After this, Bigg Boss called him and scolded him. Due to the frequent mistakes of Prateek, the family members also got very angry with him. Especially Divya expressed her displeasure. Raqesh also appeared quite upset with Prateek’s behavior. He told Shamita about the symbol that I will beat him whether I beat him up on the way out of the house or I will beat him up after going out of the house, but I will beat him.

Even before Raqesh was called spineless-

Raqesh got emotional when called him ‘Spineless’.

Earlier in Bigg Boss, Prateek had spoken to Raqesh till spineless while arguing during the nomination task. This made Prateek very angry. Even Raqesh got emotional going into the bedroom, he cried saying that I am the son of the soldier, how much has he done for the country and what am I doing here?

After this Raqesh was handled and pacified by all the family members. After realizing his mistake, he apologized to Raqesh for the controversy. Raqesh had forgiven this symbol but it was clear that he could not forget it.

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