In a recent interview, Rashami Desai talked about her divorce from Nandish Sandhu and break-up with Arhaan Khan. She gives the credits to Salman Khan as her biggest support during the hard times.

Rashami Desai talked about how she could cope-up with the biggest loss in her lif, first a failed marriage and then a relationship. She said, “The first time out (marriage), I was shaken up very badly. I had got involved and taken a big step (marriage) in my life rather quickly. But I soon realised that it was better to move out from it. If two people stay in a relationship despite the fact that they don’t get along, it ends up hindering their growth and both of them get suppressed. And I came out from my marriage very respectfully.”

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Rashami continued, “It was a tough time no doubt as I wondered what to do next which is natural if one’s support system comes crashing down. One then doesn’t have the clarity ahead; the future plans lie dashed to the ground. I felt I was in a place where most people looked at their advantage. But the good thing was that I never spoke bad about anybody.”

Rashami credits Salman Khan and a few friends for not letting her get to her breaking point. She says, “If it hadn’t been for Salman Khan sir and a few friends, I would have been in a bad state. A lot of people may have had their judgment or perception about me and I have no complaints about that.”

She continues, “Salman sir is a very nice and genuine person. Whatever he did, he did it for me. Whatever few friends I have, they did it for me. I don’t think I am liable to give any clarity or explanation to explain my bond with them. Salman sir dil ke Raja aadmi hain. Unko jo sahi lagta hai woh karte hain (He is a King at heart, he does what he feels is right); the entire family supported.”.

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