Rashmika Mandanna Warns Fans’ Against Trusting ‘Foolish Men’

Rashmika Mandanna often interacts with her fans on social media. The actress recently responded to a fan’s comment about her character Geetanjali from her latest release, “Animal.”

In the film, she played the role of Ranbir Kapoor’s character Ranvijay’s wife. Rashmika also urged her fans not to fall for foolish men.

On X (formerly Twitter), a fan posted an edited video from the film “Animal,” where Rashmika’s character is shown suffering after trusting a man she believed to be loyal to her.

Rashmika Mandanna Reaction On Ranbir Kapoor Character In Animal 

The video briefly explains how Ranvijay had a loyal wife in Geetanjali but fell in love with another woman, portrayed by Tripti Dimri’s character, Zoya. When Geetanjali discovers this, she is deeply hurt.

The fan shared this video with the caption, “Remember, nothing is scarier than trusting a man.” This video caught Rashmika attention, and the actress couldn’t help but respond.

Rashmika Mandanna wrote, “Trusting a foolish person can be scary, but there are many good people in this world. Trusting such men can be quite special.”

Earlier, Rashmika had described her character Geetanjali in “Animal” in a long note, saying, “In a world filled with all the violence, hurt, and unbearable pain, Geetanjali will bring peace, trust, and calm.

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Actress Said: She will pray to her God for the safety of her husband and her child. She was the rock that faced all the storms. She would do anything in her power for her family.

Rashmika Said: In my eyes, Geetanjali is absolutely beautiful, and in some ways, she is like most women who stand strong and protect their families day and night.”

Set against the backdrop of a gang war, “Animal” is filled with a lot of violence. It centers on the troubled father-son relationship between Anil Kapoor’s character Balbir Singh and his son, played by Ranbir Kapoor.

The film has grossed over ₹500 crores in Hindi and has become the second highest-grossing Hindi film in India. As for Rashmika, she will be seen in the upcoming films “Pushpa: The Rule,” “Chhava,” “The Girlfriend,” and “Rainbow.”

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