The debate on nepotism and favouritism in Bollywood is on the full swing right now. And the fight has now moved forward to engulf the TV industry as well. Recently, Ravi Dubey, one of the top TV actors was questioned about what he feels around nepotism in Television. Here’s what he had to say.

In an interview with Pinkvilla, Ravi Dubey said, “I would like to defend the TV industry here because I feel TV is one industry that has a very big heart and which embraces everyone without any prejudice or discrimination. Of course, it has its own challenges but favouritism is not something I have witnessed. The reason I am saying is the deadline-centric medium that TV is, the right casting is extremely important. There is no time for favouritism on TV. All of us have worked through the process of auditions, more auditions, and finally crack something and struggle.”

Ravi dubey

Ravi added, “Pick anyone on television, all of them are outsiders. There is not a single one, rarely you will see anyone who belongs to a certain family. From top to middle, everyone has come from different backgrounds, tv has embraced them and made them stars, relevant actors. I have every bit of whoever I am, I have television to thank for. I feel a lot of people look down upon TV, and sadly mostly from our industry itself, they don’t give it the due regards. It is unfortunate because it is the only medium that embraces without prejudice.”

When asked about the actor making a shift from TV to Bollywood, Dubey said, “It is a reality that every time an outsider is given a chance to prove their work, it has always taken the industry ahead by leaps and bounds. There is SRK, Ayushmann, Sushant Singh Rajput, they have all proven it. In fact, Sushant had been one of the crusaders for it and gave us all more strength. Struggles are there but it always leaves you with some kind of skill set. So, I will be honest, things have not come to me easily but I welcome all the crises because it makes things evolve.”

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